Delivery charges will be displayed in the shopping cart when you have given us your delivery postcode.

A signature is required for all deliveries.

The courier options for deliveries are only available from Monday until Friday.

Delivery ranges from £12 to £258 for up to 12 bulk bags of approximately 1 tonne each. We deliver nationally using a courier. Your delivery charges will be calculated on this site once you have entered your postcode, and before checkout.

Loose bulk loads are even better value for money, but are only available for local delivery. Call us on 0161 456 4636 for more information.

Local Delivery

Local delivery refers to the following postcodes:

bl1, bl2, bl3, bl4, m1, m10, m11, m12, m13, m14, m15, m16, m17, m18, m19, m2, m20, m21, m22, m23, m24, m25, m26, m27, m28, m29, m3, m30, m31, m32, m33, m34, m35, m38, m39, m4, m40, m41, m42, m43, m44, m45, m46, m5, m6, m60, m7, m8, m9, m90, ol1, ol10, ol11, ol12, ol15, ol16, ol2, ol3, ol4, ol5, ol6, ol7, ol8, ol9, sk1, sk10, sk11, sk12, sk13, sk14, sk15, sk16, sk17, sk2, sk22, sk23, sk3, sk4, sk5, sk6, sk7, sk8, sk9, wa1, wa13, wa14, wa15, wa16, wa2, wn2, wn3, wn4, wn7 .

Local deliveries are made using our own vehicles. For bulk loose loads we need to be able to drive onto your property to tip your delivery. Bulk bags can be lifted off our wagons and lowered up to 3 metres away. Large quantities of 25kg bags are also delivered inside bulk bags.

If we cannot gain adequate access at the time of delivery we will rearrange delivery, but may charge another fee. If you have any questions about access or delivery please call us on 0161 456 4636.

National Delivery

Our courier delivers to most UK postcodes.

Our courier will deliver your order on a pallet, which they will lower to ground level and move onto your property using a pallet truck. This can only operate on a smooth level surface.

You are responsible for advising us of any access restrictions prior to your order being dispatched.

If the driver considers your property inaccessible for any reason he may refuse to unload the pallet or alternatively unload it as close as possible to your property, which may be at the roadside.


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